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the Machine in the Garden
Miscellany album cover


(dxm-006-dig) Deus ex Musica ©2014
rarities collection released

Track listing for "Miscellany"
Track Number Track Title Lyrics Audio Video
1 Falling Softly view Falling Softly lyrics listen to Falling Softly music sample
2 Far From Home view Far From Home lyrics listen to Far From Home music sample
3 The Unaware (smooth motion mix) view The Unaware (smooth motion mix) lyrics listen to The Unaware (smooth motion mix) music sample
4 Midnight (dancing there) view Midnight (dancing there) lyrics
5 Coventry Carol view Coventry Carol lyrics listen to Coventry Carol music sample
6 Suspend (eclectica mix) view Suspend (eclectica mix) lyrics
7 Machinery (mind/body mix) listen to Machinery (mind/body mix) music sample
8 Dreams of the Absent (orchestral) view Dreams of the Absent (orchestral) lyrics
9 Miserere Mei (vocal) view Miserere Mei (vocal) lyrics listen to Miserere Mei (vocal) music sample
10 Hidden view Hidden lyrics
11 Cold (ambient) view Cold (ambient) lyrics
12 Obsession
13 Awake at the Wall
14 Winter Fell (live) view Winter Fell (live) lyrics

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