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tMitG band members Roger and Summer pose seated in a Victorian-inspired decorated room


The Machine in the Garden is an independent gothic/darkwave duo featuring Roger Fracé and Summer Bowman. Since their formation in the early 1990s, Roger and Summer have developed and advanced their unique style through years of collaborating and intertwining their musical tastes. The band has developed their own unique style and released eight full-length albums and one EP.

Recent News

New Compilation: The Unquiet Grave: The Final Chapter

The Unquiet Grave: The Final Chapter on Bandcamp

We are honored to be included on the newest Cleopatra Records compilation, and last in the series, The Unquiet Grave: The Final Chapter, now available on the Cleopatra Records Bandcamp page. tMitG was also included on the original The Unquiet Grave volume in 1999, so we are especially proud to be book-ending the series.

"This is the seventh and final volume of The Unquiet Grave series, a Bandcamp exclusive compilation that features 43 international Post-Punk, Goth and Industrial artists."

Live Shows

No live shows are scheduled at this time.

Interested in booking the Machine in the Garden? Please contact us.