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tMitG band members Roger and Summer pose seated in a Victorian-inspired decorated room


The Machine in the Garden is an independent gothic/darkwave duo featuring Roger Fracé and Summer Bowman. Since their formation in the early 1990s, Roger and Summer have developed and advanced their unique style through years of collaborating and intertwining their musical tastes. The band has developed their own unique style and released eight full-length albums and one EP.

Recent News

Now Available: Asphodel (Remastered)

Asphodel remastered album on Bandcamp

the Machine in the Garden has remastered our 2002 album, Asphodel, which is now available for digital download on our Bandcamp page.

As a bonus, we have included two additional tracks, "Open (Reimagined)" and "Ghost (Reimagined)". Using the original source material from 2002, these two tracks have been reworked with a 2020 mindset and mixing techniques.

John Stinson, who has previously mastered Shadow Puppets, XV, Before and After the Storm, and Places in Between for us, did a wonderful job bringing the same level of his sonic expertise to this album as he did with our previous releases.

For the audio nerds: 24-bit files were uploaded exclusively to Bandcamp, so for the best quality choose a lossless file format for download.

Live Shows

No live shows are scheduled at this time.

Interested in booking the Machine in the Garden? Please contact us.