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the Machine in the Garden
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Now Available: Places in Between

Places in Between album on Bandcamp

the Machine in the Garden's ninth studio album and our first in nine years, Places in Between, is now available for digital download on our Bandcamp page. We are also accepting pre-orders for the physical CD and various combos including a CD with a t-shirt and/or a handwritten lyrics sheet.

Thirteen new songs explore the variety of styles—from goth rock to electronic ethereal—the band is known for.

Musically, Places in Between draws from the band's own unique musical past. Roger describes the sound as "the electronics and looping structure of Shadow Puppets, the darkness of Asphodel, and epic elements of Before and After the Storm. I wasn't trying to emulate anyone or anything else; I just constructed what felt natural. It's different and should feel new yet familiar to our fans."

Like previous works, the themes explored by the lyrics are wide-ranging and include references from mythology of world cultures (like in "A Thousand Years of War" and "Prophetic Bird"), themes from popular culture ("Courage, Power, and Wisdom") as well as references to current events and challenges we face in the world ("Broken Days" and "Resist"). No matter the topic, Bowman's lyrics and vocal delivery are full of emotion and depth and her voice shines through clear and full in every track.

For the audio nerds: 24-bit files were uploaded exclusively to Bandcamp, so for the best quality choose a lossless file format for download.

Watch the Places in Between teaser video

New Album Announcement: Places in Between

Places in Between album on Bandcamp

the Machine in the Garden and Deus ex Musica present Places in Between, the band's ninth studio album and their first in nine years.

Watch the Places in Between teaser video

Thirteen new songs explore the variety of styles—from goth rock to electronic ethereal—the band is known for. Coming in at over an hour in length, fans will appreciate this full-length release chock full of epic electronics, sweeping guitars and shining vocals. Places in Between has everything fans have come to appreciate about the band in their nearly 30 year history, while still sounding elevated and modern.

Places in Between will initially be a digital-only release on the Machine in the Garden's Bandcamp page on July 10, 2020, followed soon after by digital release on the iTunes Music Store, Amazon mp3 and others (via CDBaby). Places in Between will also be released in the near future as a limited-edition CD available directly from the band.

15th anniversary: Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets was released 15 years ago this month, now on sale for a limited time on our Bandcamp page.

20th anniversary: One Winter's Night…

One Winter's Night…

One Winter's Night… was released 20 years ago this month, and as a thank you to our fans and friends, tMitG has made this classic album available as a free/name-your-price download or a half-price CD (for a limited time) on our Bandcamp page.

Image (acoustic)

Image (acoustic)

For the 20th anniversary of Underworld and as a thank you to our fans and friends, tMitG has released an acoustic version of one of their new songs, "Image." "Image" is available as a free download on our Bandcamp page.



We are proud to contribute to Dark Mother Media's first compilation, Rebellion: Vol 1, with a brand-new, exclusive remix, “Power and Prophecy (Guitarless Mix)” (original version appears on Before and After the Storm). Purchasing the compilation supports radio broadcasts of dark alternative, goth, industrial, doom, punk, experimental, darkwave, coldwave, deathrock, and more.

Miscellany: a collection of rare tracks


We are happy to announce that many rare tMitG tracks including compilation appearances and selections from When Angel's Peer Favorably Upon Us, as well as some previously unreleased recordings from our archives, are now available on our Bandcamp page.

Many of these songs were exclusive to their compilations and therefore elusive to our fans, and most were previously unavailable digitally. We're glad that we were able to collect these songs in a single location for everyone to enjoy.

CD availability update

Earlier this month our long-time partnership with Middle Pillar Presents ended.

Our relationship with Middle Pillar began in 1998 with the distribution of “Underworld” and continued with a track on their first compilation as a label, 1998’s “What is Eternal?” Shortly thereafter, we were the first band signed to the label leading to the release of four studio albums between 1999 and 2005, as well as appearances on various compilations.

What this means is that all the Machine in the Garden recordings for Middle Pillar are back under our control. With this change, we’ve made all four of these albums available on our Bandcamp page: “One Winter’s Night…,” “Out of the Mists,” “Asphodel” and “Shadow Puppets.” We’ve done our best to include all original artwork and, in some cases, promotional materials for all of these releases in PDF format as downloadable extras. The Middle Pillar versions of the digital releases will soon be removed from Amazon MP3 and iTunes, but we will be reposting the albums ourselves shortly thereafter.

We intend to provide the best pricing available for our releases. Most of our albums are now $8 for either the physical or digital versions — or in the case of Bandcamp, immediate digital download with the physical purchase — and for US addresses we’re offering free shipping for the physical discs.

We thank Middle Pillar for these fruitful years together.

New Mirabilis CD coming September 30

Here and the Hereafter

We're proud to announce a new album from Summer's other project, Mirabilis. Titled Here and the Hereafter, it will be released on September 30 by Projekt Records. As an extra bonus, if you preorder the limited edition physical CD from Projekt Records, you'll also receive the two previous Mirabilis CDs for free! Order here.

Happy Anniversary Veils and Shadows!

Veils and Shadows EP was recorded 20 years ago this month. We'll be posting photos and other goodies on our Facebook page over the course of the month to celebrate this important tMitG release —

Holiday Sale!

All tMitG merchandise in our store is on sale for the month of December! Just use coupon code GOTHCEMBER when checking out via ccnow and get 20% off your entire order.

Now Available — Before and After the Storm

Digital Version

This is primarily a digital release. You can choose the audio format you wish to download, including various lossless formats. Plus there will be a PDF of a full booklet in a ready-to-print format (spreads, bleeds and crop marks) and a PDF of the CD-onprint for those of you who have a capable printer.

Buy the digital version from Bandcamp

Special Edition CD

For those who would something a little more special, we're doing a very small run of a Special Edition version of the album. It's a professionally duplicated and printed CD-R in an eco-pack sleeve, limited-edition of 50, hand-numbered, hand-embellished and autographed. It will be available in approximately 3 weeks but available immediately for pre-order. To hold you until then we'll email you a download code for Bandcamp so you can enjoy the music immediately. The price is $20.

Buy the Special Edition*
*Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your Bandcamp download code

Additional information is available on the album's discography page.