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CD availability update

Earlier this month our long-time partnership with Middle Pillar Presents ended.

Our relationship with Middle Pillar began in 1998 with the distribution of “Underworld” and continued with a track on their first compilation as a label, 1998’s “What is Eternal?” Shortly thereafter, we were the first band signed to the label leading to the release of four studio albums between 1999 and 2005, as well as appearances on various compilations.

What this means is that all the Machine in the Garden recordings for Middle Pillar are back under our control. With this change, we’ve made all four of these albums available on our Bandcamp page: “One Winter’s Night…,” “Out of the Mists,” “Asphodel” and “Shadow Puppets.” We’ve done our best to include all original artwork and, in some cases, promotional materials for all of these releases in PDF format as downloadable extras. The Middle Pillar versions of the digital releases will soon be removed from Amazon MP3 and iTunes, but we will be reposting the albums ourselves shortly thereafter.

We intend to provide the best pricing available for our releases. Most of our albums are now $8 for either the physical or digital versions — or in the case of Bandcamp, immediate digital download with the physical purchase — and for US addresses we’re offering free shipping for the physical discs.

We thank Middle Pillar for these fruitful years together.

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