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the Machine in the Garden
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Now Available: Asphodel (Remastered)

Asphodel remastered album on Bandcamp

the Machine in the Garden has remastered our 2002 album, Asphodel, which is now available for digital download on our Bandcamp page.

As a bonus, we have included two additional tracks, "Open (Reimagined)" and "Ghost (Reimagined)". Using the original source material from 2002, these two tracks have been reworked with a 2020 mindset and mixing techniques.

John Stinson, who has previously mastered Shadow Puppets, XV, Before and After the Storm, and Places in Between for us, did a wonderful job bringing the same level of his sonic expertise to this album as he did with our previous releases.

For the audio nerds: 24-bit files were uploaded exclusively to Bandcamp, so for the best quality choose a lossless file format for download.

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