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the Machine in the Garden
Veils and Shadows Remixes album cover

Veils and Shadows Remixes

Veils and Shadows Remixes was never released. tMitG's contract for the Veils and Shadows EP was for both a CD and a 12" vinyl version. The vinyl version was delayed, and Roger thought it was a good idea not to release a 12" of the same material (minus one song nonetheless), but to make it more enticing by releasing a longer, remix record. With very slow sales of the CD, the contract with the record label expired before the 12" ever came to be.

Fortunately, Bandcamp makes it easy to make this previously unavailable material available to our fans.

Track listing for "Veils and Shadows Remixes"
Track Number Track Title Lyrics Audio Video
1 Dark Splintered Heart (fractured mix)
2 A Touch of Heaven (a touch of retro)
3 CryGods (falling rain remix)
4 Heavenly Dub
5 CryGods (mind overdrive remix)
6 Dark Splintered Heart (mutation engine remix)
7 Heavenly Air (crunchmix)

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